The Chronicle


Society’s Board of Directors from 2005-2006

Zbigniew Nasiadko-president
Krzysztof Rau-vice-president
Sławomir galicia-secretary
Henryk Górecki-treasurer
Jerzy Muszyński-member of the board
Andrzej Tokajuk-member of the board


On November 18, 2010. A general meeting of the “Słopiewnie” music society, which was chosen as the new management board, was held:

President-Zbigniew Nasiadko,
Vice-President Jerzy Muszyński,
Secretary-Anna Zerbst,
Treasurer-Wanda Surmasiewicz-Leonowicz,
Board Member-Artur gawel,
Board Member-Halina Olszaniecka.

The selection of Dr. Arthur Gawła to the composition of the Management Board of the society started the cooperation of the society of the Museum of Białystok. With the help of the Society gained access to the information network.
From this year on the we present all the documents and materials to promote the Folk Music Festival “Old Songs-young voices”.


Supplementary elections to the Board of association

On 29 November 2013. At the general meeting of the Association were held supplementary elections of the members of the Board of the society, which included:

Zbigniew Nasiadko-president
Stanisław Pogorzelski-vice-president
Jerzy Siwak-treasurer
Anna Zerbst-secretary
Artur Gawel-member of the board
Piotr Sakowski-member of the board


Cultural heritage of Podlaskie and Lubelskie village-conference in Białowieża

28-29 March 2014 was held in Bialowieza Conference, under the name of the cultural heritage of the Podlasie and Lublin-knowledge, good practices, challenges, organized by the Foundation Support and Białowieża National Park. In the first day of the Conference lectures were given by: the cultural landscape of the region of the Bialowieza Forest-our common heritage-dr Miroslaw Stepaniuk Białowieża National Park, and the protection of wooden construction in the Podlasie region-Dr. Arthur Agrawal of the conspiracy Museum. On the same day took place presentations of projects by non-governmental organizations of the provinces the Podlaskie Voivodeship and Lublin Voivodeship.

Projects from the scope of the protection and promotion of traditional folk music presented:

Anna Zerbst and Zbigniew Nasiadko-music Society “Słopiewnie”
Charytoniuk-podlasie Heritage association,
Krzysztof mustard-society for Nature and man,
Dariusz Fionik-association of the Museum of small homeland in Studziwodach,
Krystyna Wińska-association of the activation of Polesie Lublin.


03.08.2015 “musicals by Nature”-reportage Joanna Sikory

Radio broadcast on Polish Radio Bialystok


At the general meeting of the members of the Musical Society “Słopiewnie” on 27 February 2017r. The Board of the Music Society “Słopiewnie” ukonstytuował as Follows:

Zbigniew Nasiadko-president
Piotr Sakowski-vice-president
Anna Zerbst-secretary
Jerzy Siwak-treasurer
Mirosława Kamińska-board Member

From this year the current at our website is

Current achievements of the President Zbigniew Nasiadko have been recognized and awarded Marshal of the Town in the field of artistic creation, dissemination and protection of culture artistic season 2015-2016.

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