The sounds of all the musical instruments that mankind has created since the dawn of its history cannot withstand comparison with human singing.
For singing is a reflection of the whole fullness of the human soul. Therefore, singing accompanies, as if accompaniment, in the history of all mankind from the very dawn to the present day. Adam Mickiewicz, not wit
hout reason, calls the song “the ark of the covenant between the old and the new years”, gives it the name of the treasury, in which the people lay a bundle of their thoughts and “their feelings flowers”. Because when
everything collapses, the song will go all the way …

Ks. Czesław Klimuszko


(…) And yet the death of this song and music would be a simple disgrace to us (…
) (…) people standing at the top of spiritual civilization, such as Mickiewicz, Chopin, Moniuszko, were refreshed by this familiarity, drew inspiration in folk songs and music (…)


          These moving and true words of Zygmunt Gloger wrote in the introduction to the book “Or Polish people still sings,” published in Warsaw in 1905, which was a passionate cry to … taken was a collective work of Polish intelligence in order to protect and preserve the people our its ancient, indigenous and native słowiańsko-national songs and music …

          True and Holy words of Zygmunt Gloger written before 100 years ago have become a beacon for the action that they have taken in Bialystok, Poland in 2005, the founders and creators of music society “Słopiewnie”.

Festival “Old Songs-Young Voices”


“The old Songs-young voices” in Waniewie over the Narew River in 2007

          2007 was a landmark in the activities of the society. Thanks to the joint efforts of the members and the involvement of local Government of the municipality of Falcons and the leadership of the Provincial Centre for Cultural Animation in Bialystok, and Festival “Old Songs-young voices” was held on 29 July 2007. in Waniewie, a town in the Narew National Park. The term of the project refers to the traditional, the parish in Waniewie-indulgence. Anna.

          In this memorable day, Mayor Joseph Zajkowski has announced the opening of the Festival and “Old Songs-young voices” in Waniewie over the Narew River, in the historical town, where once she was crossing on the trade route from the Kingdom of Polish, from Mazowsze the Podlasie and next to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And from that time on. Anne to come Waniewa young people the musicians, singers, instrumentalists from Podlasie, Masovia, Kurpi, and Suwałki region and present the great songs of our ancestors.

… Singing in English, in Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Lithuanian. “My way” – formerly sing-or more today. Everyone-from the bottom of my heart … so red. Aneta Dzienis launched its report “other worlds in Waniewie, which is the grandson sings with his grandfather,” the Festival “Old Songs-young voices”-Waniewo 2008, published in Gazeta Wyborcza.

          It all began in Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula River, where every year at the end of June takes place the Festival singers and Bands. Well, more than a dozen years, next to the main competition, on which the present adult artists, organized the contest is “Big-Small”. This is a presentation by children and adolescents tradition of instrumental and vocal seized from their masters-teachers, parents, and grandparents. As stated in the terms and conditions of the Festival in Kazimierz Dolny, the aim of the competition is to encourage children and adolescents to pursue music and singing that is compatible with the tradition of the region.

          The idea of a native of Kazimierz on the Vistula River works and results in a great in Waniewie over the Narew. We read further in the reportage in Gazeta Wyborcza: Young people learn what the former, even if sometimes do not understand individual words, words, contexts and older must explain them. As Anita Czuper, 16-year-old, who came to the Festival with the band Zorniczeńka with High in the municipality of Raczki. Boss is her grandmother, 72-year-old, the team is also her grandfather, 76-year-old Joseph. We sing what sang even our mom and granny. Wedding songs, harvesters, dirty. I put this in my head I have saved. Sometimes something will remind you, that I save in the Songbook, says a smiling old lady. -Once it’s always sang: robot, casting out the cows. Now we try to twice a week. And these young? How not to sing, since nasiąkły this from the Hobo said? For them it is no longer bread. And well. Because who will sing? Who will remember it all, pass on? Only in young hope. Team “Zorniczeńka” County of Raczki, where singing Grandma, Grandpa and granddaughter, was the winner of the II Festival in Waniewie. And again the reference to Kazimierz: Ms. Stanisława Czuper there appeared several times at the Festival and won the highest award-the Golden Bastion.

          Juror Festival red. Tomasz Ćwikowski in a review titled “the musical treasures of Poland for the third time over the Narew” published in the Festival Newspaper “Fly voice…,” said

… the undersigned has the opportunity from the beginning to keep track of the fate of the Festival, so is entitled to reviews, that despite the near history of party invented by Zbigniew Nasiadkę from year to year expands its formula, exploring new areas of the Podlasie folk music and folk …

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