“The old Songs-Young Voices” in the center of them. Ludwik Zamenhof-2011

          The year 2011 was very important in the history of the society. Young musicians, promoted the contest hearings in Waniewie for the first time presented their achievements to the residents of Bialystok, in the center of them. Ludwik Zamenhof. On July 30, occurred when a huge audience aplauzie teams: “Masurian Flowers”-team cymbalistów of Elk, the duo Dominica Szyszko and Beata Szyszko-Anzulewicz from the village of Rutka-Tartak suvalkija, “Shlenchik” Ukrainian song and dance ensemble from Bielsko Podlaskie Voivodeship and the band “Otako” from Suwałki.


“The old Songs-young voices” on the post-harvest festival in the open-air museum the conspiracy Museum in 2012

          On August 5, 2012 for the first time in the history of the Festival winners of previous edit it presented on the Festival “Dozhinki in the open-air museum” in Białystok Village Museum. These were the teams-winners of the Festival with Waniewa from previous years-“Hiłoczka with black cherry,” Żemerwa “and” Shlenchik “from Bielsko,” Trio with It “,” Słowianoczki “from Bialystok and” Otako “from Suwałki.

          Revel in the audience were distributed over 200 copies of the Festival Newspaper “Fly the voice … 2012 “. Team members, and children who arrived with their parents on the concert received souvenirs-flags with pictures of teams in folk costumes.

          The Festival was accompanied by an exhibition of an educational music China pt. “Song of our sites” with the presentation of the China ceramics from Mazowsze, Kurpi, Podlasie, Suwałki region and Mazur.

          The basis for exposure “Songs of our sites” was the presentation of the achievements of the outstanding scientist-ethnographer, researcher of folk culture Podlasie and Polesie Stanisław Dworakowskiego. Our famous compatriot was born in 1907 in the village of Dworaki-Pikaty County Falcons. From the end of the second world war he lived in Sokołach. Linger and the bees are kept. Continued research in the field of folk culture the family pages. The result of these studies is the book “the social Culture of the people of rural folklore of Narew” published by Bialystok scientific society in 1964. He died on 17 November 1976. His grave is located in Warsaw.

          At the exhibition “Songs of our pages” learn notes and text of the six songs recorded from an inhabitant of Waniewa Jadwiga Janeczkowej, Stanisław Dworakowski published in the book “Family Practice in the District of High-” East in the heart. in Warsaw.

          The winners of the Festival from the years 2007-2012, “Hiłoczka with black cherry,” Shlenchik “and” Żemerwa “from Bielsko,” Słowianoczki from Białystok were singing actors fascinating spectacle musical-śpiewogry pt. “Harvest festival in the open-air museum” presenting traditional rituals related to the harvest: zażynek or ritual to start the harvest, the binding of quail at the end.

          And so the year 2012 was the beginning of a new formula of the Festival. Every year the best artists awarded in Waniewie are the inhabitants of Białystok’s folly “harvest festival in the open-air museum” in Białystok Village Museum.

          In 2013 to “harvest festival in the open-air museum” experienced teams, winners of the Festival in Waniewie: “Assembly” of Białystok-team leader Genadiusz Szemiet and “Szeszupiaki” from the village of Rutka-Tartak, whose head is a Beata Szyszko-Anzulewicz.


“The old Songs-young voices”-Waniewo 2015

          Auditions IX Festival of folk music “Old Songs-young voices” took place as every year on the parish feast of indulgence. Anna on July 26. Underlining the fact that for the first time in Waniewie there was presenting a high level of artistic junior team of vocal and instrumental with the GOK in Sokołach.

          In the category of vocal and instrumental bands top awards earned team Quartet “Shlenchik” and the band cymbalistów with Elk. In the category of bands singing the traditional first prize has a team of choir “Dobryna” from Białystok, and a second trio of with It.

          Extremely high level of presented the pianist singing traditional, Alexander Iwaniuk of Białystok and Dominika Szyszko of Rutki-Tartak. Honorees younger Festival participants from Białystok: Duo Martyna Misiejuk and Anastasia Szeremata, the team of “Stebło” and sisters Kalisia and Dominica Sigma.


“The old Songs-young voices”-Waniewo 2016

          In the current year in Waniewie was the Tenth Jubilee Festival of folk music “Old Songs-young voices”. On Sunday, July 31, after the odpustowej of the mass crowds gathered pilgrims and tourists to your creative achievements presented 10 teams of folk music, a total of 97 young musicians, singers and instrumentalists.
          The jury of the Festival has awarded Prizes Mayor municipality of Falcons: first prize-vocal-instrumental with GOK falcons and second prize-Band Mietek Beet.
In the category of bands singing the traditional first prize has a team of “Hiłoczka” with black cherry, second place ex aequo “Rankowi diwczatka” from Bielsko Podlaskie Voivodeship and “Szeszupiaki” of Rutki-Tartak. The first prize in the category of soloists instrumentalists received Małgorzata Makowska from Suwałki. First prize in the singing category a-capella received the “Trio” of Białystok. Received three awards in the category of traditional singing.
          Dziesiątemu jubileuszowemu the Festival of folk music “Old Songs-young voices”-Waniewo 2016 was accompanied by the exhibition planszowo-photo shoot pt. “The old Songs-young voices” organized at the Office of Marshal a week before the Festival and also in the Waniewie in the day of the Festival. The exhibition due to the high level of artistic and professional posters, publications and photos illustrating the ten activities music society “Słopiewnie” raised the interest of fans of traditional folk music.